Monday, 3 February 2014

Bad weather

I have just been reading how our city zoo had been battling with sleet, which is destroying electric cables and tearing down trees. A few falling trees have made 50 meters long gap in the fence of the lynxes, but, luckily, those two are not interested in exploring the world beyond it, especially in this weather, and they have been keeping inside their area.
Yesterday evening they had trouble with wolf's fence. A large falling tree demolished a big part of it. The zoo keepers patched the hole as best as they could in the dark and so that the wolf wouldn't feel tempted in exploring the hole, they have kept them occupied with food. In the morning the fire fighters removed the tree and repaired the fence, while the zoo employee protected them with tranquillizer guns. That must have been nerve wrecking for the poor fire-fighters.

For now all the animals that are in the open (mouflon, chamois, lynx, ibex) and whose fences are damaged are because of their attachment to their area staying inside their fences, while all the dangerous animals (lions, tigers, cougars, bears) are being confined indoors. They will do the same with wolfs as soon as they can, the article says. Which is good, because I live not ten minutes away from the zoo and I could stand seeing lynx or chamois face to face, but not a tiger or a lion. I would probably take it terrible if I stumbled over a wolf or a bear, too. Even though, a few years back we had a bear stomping through the woods that surround the zoo. It's actually a cute story; the bear came to this area to woo the zoo bear. They caught him and relocated him, but he came back. After his second relocation, the story turned sad, since a half a year later or so, they found him dead (shot) in the neighbour country. The government never found who did it.

UPDATE 04/01The wolfs are already in the zoo's indoor facilities
UPDATE 05/01: The lynxes had left their area and are now exploring the zoo's premises. One chamois has lost its life as a result of their exploration, despite the abundance of food that should keep them in their area, but which isn't exactly working.
The danger of falling trees is still high, so the repair of their fence is still for now only on to-do list, and since the weather forecast isn't exactly friendly, who knows how long this will last. The lynxes are probably having a blast, which can't be said for zoo keepers.
The sleet is still destroying trees and cables, and lot of people are without electricity. Luckily, in my suburbs we didn't have any black-outs, so I'm not really feeling the damage that the sleet is doing all through the country. Everybody is waiting for the weather to get warmer, which will bring a high risk of flooding.

Friday, 31 January 2014


I decided to pull the Crescent Moon's Reflection from Smashword and enrol it into Amazon Select program and to make it available on Amazon for free between February 3rd  and 7th.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Crescent Moon's Reflection

I just got the final version of my Crescent Moon's Reflection cover.

Isn't it awesome? I love, love it. It was made by Elaina from For the Muse Design. She made such a fabulous job.
The summary: A Bloodeater, Uriel of the Dumes, is on a mission to hunt and destroy the Shadows, creatures that pose a bigger threat to Bloodeater society than vampires. On one of the hunts he and his two friends stumble across a group of human vampire hunters. When one of them, Jen, is hurt, he takes care of the girl, never imagining that he would fall for her. But Jen hates vampires, and even though Uriel is not one of them, he is a member of the immortal race who is responsible for the vampires' creation.

I really like Uriel, right now he occupies the top spot on My Favorite Character's List.

I have already uploaded sample chapters on my web-site. The only thing that is left is to upload the files on Amazon and Smashwords.
If you want to be among the first to learn when the book is available subscribe to my New Release Mailing List and I'll drop you a line.

While writing this I most of the time listened to:



 ETA: Already uploaded: Smashwords and Amazon

Saturday, 11 January 2014

It's not my day today.

It's not my day today. 

First I wanted to pay something using paypal and the thing was not satisfied with my card, which I have been using to pay through paypal for years. My card is perfectly fine, thank you, so fine, actually, that Amazon has nothing against it using it, I know, I tried.

Then I went to grocery shopping. The first thing that happened, I noticed that my basket on the bike was wobbling. Two of four clasps holding it to the bike broke. Which meant not only I would have to replace those (which isn’t a big deal) but that I better not use the basket. Since I was already on two thirds of the way, that posed a problem, but not big enough for me to be willing to turn around, go home and secure the basket.
The second thing that happened was that the sole of my shoe started to flap around while I was in the store. The sole still held onto the shoe, luckily, so I was able to slide across the floor, since I couldn’t exactly walk.
Then the third thing that happened on my way to the store, which was actually on my way home; were items falling out of my shopping bag, which was secured on bicycle carrier. That wouldn’t be such a big deal, since it was only two items, but it happened when I was crossing the street, on the pedestrian crossing. :(
Luckily, they are all small things, but they happened in the span of an hour. Things like that can irritate. 

 Still working on that 2013 year summary.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Happy holidays!

For me, time is passing so quickly lately. It's already Christmas and New Year is around the corner. I planed to only write Happy Christmas and Happy New Year, but then I thought why not take a picture of my Christmas tree and my new flat-mate. Unfortunately, my flat-mate has too much energy and he refuses to stay still long enough so I can take a picture. At the end I managed to take a shot, but it’s not of the best quality.

Here is Jaka, the three months old kitty who can’t be still for a minute. In the picture, where I had to put the tree on the couch, he’s actually munching on the little poor tree (I’m not a fan of those tall organic trees. I mean, I like them, just not at my place.).

Happy holidays!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Facebook Page

I made a Facebook Page for Ela Lond, which is so empty right now. I said I’m going to fill it regularly with my thoughts or at least once a month. The same promise I made about this blog. The thing with this promise is that I get too easily distracted and that the time flies by so quickly. Also, the truth is, when ever I have to choose between writing a blog or working on a story, story always wins.

The next post I'm going to post is going to be a summary of this year. I haven’t decided yet how I feel about this year. It’s was a little difficult, especially this last months, which might be the reason why I feel this cloud of irritation clinging to me for quite a while now. :(

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Release of The Whisperers

Music and video spots are my biggest inspirations and sometimes the idea produced by one nags at me until I write it. This was the case after seeing Gibonni’s video Hey Crow

The imagery of this video is just amazing and the idea those images produced didn’t want to leave me alone no matter what. The ideas that can’t wait for their turn usually end as short stories with possibility to be one day expanded into a novel. So that what happened with the idea inspired by Hey Crow, it became a short, 8,000 words long. fairytale-like fantasy titled: The Whisperers

(I purchased the images of the cover on bigstockphoto, for the title used Dover Ornaments clipart, Mael fonts made by Dale Harris  and Scriptina fonts by Apostrophic Lab

Summary: Tyne and Kara, shapeshifters who can turn into crows, stop on their journey to the coast in a town whose residents are terrorized by the governor and his son. Tyne and Kara could use their magic to help the people unite and fight against the injustice, but in the past uprisings in which they were involved always brought violence. Kara wants to try a different approach.

The story is for now only available on Amazon.